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The Wiggle Pipe

The Wiggle Pipe

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Created by New York City designer Nikolas Bentel, The Wiggle Pipe is a handmade porcelain smoking pipe.  

The stem is what really makes this pipe special as it was an almost impossible task to fabricate. After going through many iterations, manufacturing processes and material tests, Nikolas figured out how to make the Wiggle Pipe using porcelain while still maintaining a large airstream.  

Inspired by the absurd colors and shapes of the Memphis group, the Wiggle Pipe is tricolored, one color for each part of the pipe: the blue mouthpiece, the yellow stem and the white bowl. The bowl also includes a carb on the side in order to allow more air intake.  

Its dimensions and scale have been calibrated for pleasure and ease of use, as it sits in the smoker’s hand.  The pipe’s handmade porcelain ceramic  is machine washable and durable.  And because of the high quality porcelain, it makes an all too satisfying “clink” when it is placed on a table, just like a delicate teacup.

The pipe comes in a 6x5x2 box and it is in an edition limited to 100.  Get one while they are still in stock!

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